duminică, 11 noiembrie 2012

VyckRo and the MSS show

  Since I received several questions about the MSS show from this week,
I will make a brief statement.
In a previous edition of this show, someone laughed at the argument that Christianity is responsible for the progress and advance in science of the European civilization. And they responded by attacking the weakest possible point of this idea, namely that "Newton was Christian".
I had 9 arguments that were unique to Christianity, and directly responsible for the emergence of modern science, but due to the limited time of the show, I decided to present only the first 3.

  Imagine that a witness at a trial came with 9 alibis, but he said that only three would be enough to prove his innocence. At this point, the judge responds “give us the best one, and based on that one, we will decide your fate”.

  Christianity is accused of having stopped "the advance of science". In response to such serious allegations that many atheists bring, the MSS show did not accept more then 1 counterargument. Thus, I was allowed to present only one counterargument from my top3.
And that one with continuous interruptions

Just for the record:

My arguments, in chronological order, are:
1)The desacralization of nature (M.Eliade argument)
2)The Industrial Revolution of the Middle Ages (Jean Gimpel argument)
3)The creation and implementation of modern institutions (creation by the Byzantine Empire, implementation -in the- West by Catholicism)

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  1. You only listed three arguments. And your flimsy excuse that "Christianity had to lay the foundations for science and remove superstition" was rightfully treated with disdain.

    You can't use superstition (like Christianity) to teach people to be more reasonable and that superstitious beliefs are nonsensical.