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Who or what is VyckRo ?

 Vyckro is the Internet nickname of a young Romanian historian who graduated in History and Political Science. Vyckro is also an amateur video maker, who posts his work on the internet. One of his passions is philosophical debates with the new generation of angry atheists. Victor started the VyckRo channel as a response to the intolerant and disrespectful message of the neo-atheists. Victor grew up in Communist Romania, behind the Iron Curtain. There, he saw that an atheist political system is not necessarily better, unlike what today’s new -atheists are preaching. As a historian, he has learned that the foundations of the European civilization are Christian.
  As a student of the University of Political Science, he observed that the classical European culture model is declining. And the decline appears to increase in proportion with the attack of the new atheists against the Christian culture.
  That the new atheist movement desires to attack only the Christian cultural model has become so obvious, that atheists today are no longer afraid to publicly ostracize those atheist members of their own atheist communities who deviate from the proposed  purpose and lose valuable time criticizing Judaism or Islam.
Therefore, an atheist that is attacking the Christian culturar model will be greeted with cheers and congratulations, but an atheist who criticizes Islam or Judaism will be greeted with booing by the members of his own community.
  This can likewise be seen by observing the huge support given by the new-atheists to the pagan and neo pagan cults. Centuries ago, Europe entered a new era, with the defeat of the multitude of pagan cults, and affirmation of one religion that glorifies one God, who is to be found outside the material world. From the attempt to understand creation or "How did God do that " the medieval science appeared, and later the      Church implemented such modern institutions as universities, hospitals, courts of law. Today, with the atheist support, pagan and neo-pagan cults are spreading like mushrooms after a good rain, and people are begining to believe again in the healing power of crystals or in the magical properties of plants, or in astrology. Increasingly, more and more people, especially in Europe, but also in America, are beginning to define themselves as witches or wizards, or spiritual guides. A wide category of people are begining to abandon modern medicine and begin to treat cancer with "special" roots, brought from India or China, or with magic potions. 
  When faced with this situation, the new-atheist will do what any good enemy of European culture would do, he or she will turn their head the other way and will continue to attack only the Christian cultural model.
  Even more strange is the reaction of the new-atheist to the demographic changes in Europe. Normally, we would expect the immigrant newcomers (from the Arab countries, India or China), who are bringing with them some habits that do not fit the European model, to be the main target of the atheist criticism. A constructive criticism, in order to constrain these immigrants to align to the European cultural standards. But the new-atheists respond to this challenge by turning their head the other way, and apparently increasing their criticism against Christianity!
  For centuries there has been a cultural war going on, where each culture (Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, pagan ) is doing everything it can, to impose its own model. And for the European Christian culture, the enemy was always "extra muros" (outside the walls). Today, we must all recognize that for the European Christian culture, and only for the European Christian culture, the enemy is "intra muros" (within the walls) and he is ready to ally with anyone in order to achieve his goal.

VyckRo Youtube Channel 

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